Penny Auctions With Paypal

People sometimes ask what penny auctions accept Paypal as a payment source? Some of the auction sites only accept credit cards, while some do in fact accept PP.

This page will list all of the best penny auction sites with Papal as a payment option. As you know,  you need to prepay for bids on penny auction sites.

Penny Auction Sites Accepting Paypal

Lets get right into the list of penny auctions accepting Paypal as a method of payment.

1. Beezid

One of the larger penny auction sites, Beezid has proven itself to be a legit contender and they do indeed accept Paypal. Beezid often runs great promotions and you can even get 10 free bids just for signing up through this link.

They always have some sort of cool promotion going on, and they also have a refer a friend program where you can get 100-200 bids per friend that signs up. All this adds up to a great penny auction website.

They offer bid packs in a number of different sizes and prices, and you can buy any of them using your Paypal balance, or a credit card through Paypal. Beezid also accepts Visa, Mastercard and American Express. is rated as one of the best penny bidding sites on our website.

2. Quibids

Another one one of the large penny auctions out there, is They are well known for having a large variety of auctions going on every single day, in a number of categories.

Quibids accepts Paypal as a payment for their bid packs. You can also use Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Moneybookers and possibly other forms of payments.

Well known as one of the most legit, safe and secure penny auctions in the industry, they now also have auctions for Canadians.

As more penny auction sites worthy of our top list come into the fray, we will indeed list them here. Obviously this particular page is only for penny auctions with Paypal.

People like to deposit to penny auctions using Paypal because lots of people simply don’t have a credit card. Even more so is the case, somebody might not have any credit at the moment, or limited credit, but they have lots of Paypal.

In those cases especially, people would much rather use PP than a CC when buying a bid pack.

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