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Hey everyone! As a special treat today we are going to give you a round up of all of the penny auction websites that give free bids to start/register. That way you can test out a few different bidding sites, see which ones you do the best at, and then make that your “home” for entertainment deal shopping! There is really no way to shop that is more fun than penny auctions, and what better way to get your feet wet or to test new sites by having absolutely free bids at your disposal. Many people have actually won using these as we are sure many of you are already well aware of. That being said, however, don’t expect to win some huge prize on the house. Life usually doesn’t work that way!

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1.happy bid day penny auction free bids Happy Bid Day (Claim FREE Bids here): Starting off our list we have Happy Bid Day. How could we not? They are just dying to give away free bids, especially in their “Happy Auctions”. These are 100% completely free to bid on and you can win some pretty cool prizes. They give you new bids on the house every single day that you login, so you’ll never run out. They also have a main side like all the other penny auctions out there, but when you are low on money then the “Happy” items do just fine! This site has been well documented as a fast growing, legit bidding venue.

beezid free bids 2. Beezid (Claim Free bids here) : Everyone who signs up to Beezid gets a free shot at their cherry auctions with either 10 or 25 free bids. These can only be used in the cherry auctions at which are for anybody on the site who has not yet won. That really allows you to get at least one easy win under your belt because people quickly move on from the cherries to the main site. There are excellent prizes/items up for grabs in this format at Beezid, and they probably give the best chance to win with only your free bids. The two Beezid promo codes that you can use are 10FREEBIDS and 25FREEBIDS.

     3. Quibids (Claim Free Bids here): Want to try out the world’s largest penny auction with a few free bids? Register an account now and make sure you tick off the “sign up to free newsletter” box. Then login to your account at and look for the surprise in your bid balance. Good luck, this is easily the best penny auction out there with a “buy it now” safeguard. Other great benefits of this site is that they are accredited by many 3rd party auditors and known as the most legit site out there in this industry. The fact that they have thousands upon thousands of daily items up for grabs doesn’t hurt either. Use your Quibids free bids wisely than buy a bid pack, it is 100% worth it here, and always remember to be smart.


Honorable Mention:

.Zbiddy: This penny auction free bids are called “rookie auctions”, and you won’t ever have to pay a dollar unless you win. That is one way they have been attracting a lot of new customers to their website as of late. It really has been growing so this is one that is probably worth checking out. The amount of registration free bids for Zbiddy varies depending on when you sign up. They are not international and only accept shoppers from the USA.

All of these penny auctions free bids can get you somewhere and possibly even win you something pretty cool. At the end of the day though, there are going to be sites that you find you do well on for whatever reason, and those are the ones you should stick to. You should also keep track of how many bids you spend on each site to win what to narrow down your choices. Sometimes a site may seem “more fun” to you, but in reality you are not doing as well there. Always pay attention to the numbers because in penny auctions that is all that matters. As time goes on we will include any new penny auctions with free bids so do bookmark this page if you are planning on coming back. If you know a friend that might benefit from this page we would appreciate a FB share or tweet.. thank you in advance. Enjoy your free bids!

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