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This Ibid2save review has been updated last on November 3rd, 2013.

Ibid2save.com penny auctions are a gigantic penny auction site that have been around for quite a while. As usual, if you have a review of Ibid2save then please leave it in the comments section. It is moderated daily. There are plenty of different aspects of Ibid 2 save that we will go over in this listing, so pay attention. It’s not as big as some of the leaders in the industry such as Quibids, Happy Bid Day, Beezid or Bid Rivals, but they are closing in pretty fast.

Ibid2save review

Items On Auction

I Bid 2 Save auctions has something for everyone and plenty of different categories. You can get toys, electronics, mp3 players, tablets, phones, gift cards, office equipment, housewares and much, much more. As for the daily amount of auctions, it seems to be growing nicely as well. They are creeping up on being a large penny auction which can only mean more things to win every day.

Ibid2Save Penny Auction Prices

Lets look at the bid prices of Ibid2save.com. The average bid price at Ibid2save is $0.52 which is slightly below industry average. It really is all relative though because different auction sites will have different amounts of bids needed to finally win the prize. Overall though, the prices here are obviously pretty good because their fan base seems somewhat loyal and they clearly are growing quickly.

Ibid2Save Customer Support

The customer support at Ibid2save is pretty good and known for answering their emails in a timely fashion. You can call them any time of day and night via e-mail or by calling their toll-free telephone number. As everyone should know by now, a penny auction needs to have great customer support to be considered in the elite penny bidding sites. Ibid2save has shown from day 1 that they are in tune with the customer’s special needs in this community.

Is Ibid2save a scam? Many people don’t understand the penny auction concept and come away with a sour taste in their mouth. You need to read the full rules and understand the risks that penny auctions can pose. Therefore, Ibid2save is not a scam in our opinion, as we would never list a site we felt was not on the “up and up”.

Overall, Ibid2save penny auctions are a pretty huge site and growing fast. They are one to keep an eye on for sure. As an update in November 2013, IBid2save continues to grow. Keep an eye out for their Facebook page because they often run very nice promotions that give you 100% free promo bids. That’s something that not a lot of bidding sites can say.

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5 thoughts on “Ibid2save Reviews

  1. Samantha Post author

    I tried this site, it reminded me a lot of Beezid. It’s good for beginners to penny auctions but watch out for the power bidders. Study the names and you’ll be fine. And, they ship prizes fast as well.

  2. Jeff

    since I am new and “won” 7 yesterday, I had some questions which I am sure they are very busy trying to get to everyone but apparently I need to send payment asap. Is there a place to view the merchandise aquired and or pre view it on larger items? Why does the Youtube on 101 say private and I cannot see it? I just need some general info before I send payment, All seems fine but I think it makes sense to know a bit about my purchases even IF they were 99% OFF! yea

  3. Meagan R

    The only problem that I have with this site is that they use “Bids” to pad the price of cheap items. For example a pack of “Mach 3 razor” heads (4 razors) will cost $16. This charge includes: Action house charge, shipping, and my 1 cent bid. They say the item is worth $125, now we all know that replacement razor cartridges are expensive but I don’t remember paying $125 for one at Wal-mart, if that were the case I would just go Wookie style . The reason for the over value is because when you pay for the item they also give you more “promotional” bids. For this action, it was the razor pack +250 “free” bids.
    You need to watch out for this. After you win the item look to see how much they REALLY want for it. If you can find it cheaper else wear then you should probably just let that one go. You get 24 hours to either pay for it or it will go away. As far as I know their is no penalty for changing your mind on items. It is not like Ebay where you get a bad review or anything. I have let many won actions go back because their hidden fees were asking too much of me.
    Good luck ,I hope this helps, and happy bidding.

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