How To Win On Beezid

So, you want to know how to win at Beezid? This section will be dedicated to Beezid tips and tricks, all gearing you up for the best savings of your life.

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If you fail to plan, you are planing to fail, and that is the same with doing auctions on You need to have your own plan of attack, and you have already taken the first step towards that by reading this article.

There is no doubt about it, some people win much more often than others on Beezid. That is because they use a sound strategy. The below tips will get you started, as a beginner and also advanced Beezid strategy.

Use good bid management

The number one factor that will decide if you win an auction or not is using good bid management. That means having enough bids to cover the auction that you are going for.

If you only have 10 bids in your account, the chances that you are going to win a macbook pro without a reputation is pretty slim. Use bids wisely and that means going for items you can afford to win with the bids that you have left in your account. It’s easy to restock on bids since it’s a penny auction that accepts Paypal, but you need to be smart with them.

You will also save yourself from having to top up in the heat of an auction that you have already dumped a bunch of bids into.

how to win on beezid

Beezid ain’t your old school Arcade game.

Choose what type of bidder you will be.

There are different strategies that you can use on beezid and depending on what type of bidder you are, you will use a different approach. For instance, you might be interested in the big ticket items, meaning you will likely have to build up a reputation of bidding till you win.

Such a strategy will deter people from even duking it out with you, which will come especially handy when going for $500 – $2000 items.

Another strategy is to come in late when others have already hit their “limit” for an auction. That means that they have a personal limit of how many bids they were going to use, or they simply ran out of bids.

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When you think it is down to the last person and about to end for good, you jump in with an autobeezid and hope they give up. They’ll know that you have jumped them and probably in for a long and bumpy ride if they continue, often allowing you to pick up the item for just a few bids. Patience is a virtue indeed.

Get to know the top power bidders, and steer clear.

After you have decided what type of player you are going to be on Beezid, you might have to stay away from certain other bidders. Unless you are trying to build a scary name for yourself (which takes a lot of bids on Beezid), you should make note of players that simply “don’t give up”, and stay away from them.

That is because these people are pretty deep and they will tap your entire bid account dry if you try to go head to head with them in an auction that they’ve tagged.

That is why sometimes you will see an auction with thousands of bids more than the retail price, because two stubborn people simply would not give up to protect their reputation, and one of them runs dry.

The same scenario can happen when two players set a huge autobeezid thinking it won’t even get close to their limit, and walk away from their computer. Fireworks, and plenty of lost bids ensue.

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Use Autobeezid to your advantage

The autobeezid feature, which is how you auto bid ,can be very useful in certain situatons. This is especially true if you have started to build a name for yourself.

By using the automatic bidding feature, you will be essentially outbidding your competition every time they make a bid, always listing your name as the winning bidder, and essentially demoralizing your competitor to give up.

It works very often, because the other person doesn’t know how many bids they are going to have to use to tap your autobeezid.

It can also work when there are more than one competitors because they might assume each other will click to prolong the auction, and then boom it’s over and the auto-beezid wins again.

In most auctions, it is smart to use this feature. It can also be smart to use the sniper so as to not set your autobeezid off before you absolutely need to.

Do research on your competition

Most of the people who are bidding on Beezid on a regular basis have the product called Beezid Pro, which allows you to quickly and easily look up the stats of the auction you are in, including your competitor’s info. you can also use it to watch other auctions.

If you want to have a serious edge and more importantly avoid the heavy hitters that will drain you, make sure you pick up a copy of Beezid Pro before going into an auction.

We will update this page later with more Beezid tips. If you would like to contribute an article containing tips or strategy for any of the major penny auctions, submit it and we will review it and post it on our site, which has many readers that you would be helping out. There is a reason it’s one of the top USA and Canadian penny auctions.

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  1. Jamie

    Finally some good tips about beezid, this has really opened up my eyes. I was always going for that damn Ipad and I don’t even want one… now I realize I had wayyyy too low bids for that, and if I had focused on gift cards (which I need), I could have saved at least 25-50% over time. Ugh.

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