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Dealdash Penny Auctions ( are an interesting and medium sized auction site. They have one of the best support staff around, and the daily auctions always leave somebody winning the items and getting a massive discount. If you haven’t heard about this particular site yet, we are going to go over a review of Dealdash and list all the important features, from the bid prices, to the bonus amounts to the items they have on selection daily. What you will find is that Deal Dash is a top notch penny auction site.

Dealdash Review: How Does It Work

Tons of people right off the bat will scream that Dealdash is a scam, as they do for any penny auction site with a similar business model. The cold hard truth is that Deal Dash is not a scam at all, it is a legit site. Here is how this auction site works.

Each auction at Deal Dash starts at $0.00 and moves up by increments of 1 cent for every bid that is placed by a shopper on the site. As a player (shopper), you are trying to be the last bidder on the auction. The caveat is that the timer resets the clock every time a bid is placed, making strategy very much part of the game. Many people think that Deal Dash is gambling, because each bid costs money and you could actually lose those bids if you don’t win the auction. That is how the penny auction business model works, and why it is called entertainment shopping. Though, Dealdash is a legit site that has thousands of winners to back that claim up.

Dealdash Auction Items

What you will find over at Deal Dash auctions on any given day are the same types of items you would see in some of the larger sites, as you probably read about in our Bid Rivals review or Quibids review. For example, right now in the live auctions at Deal Dash (as this is being written), there is a bicycle, a laptop computer, tons of gift cards, bid packs, video games, LCD TV’s, and much more. All of these products will of course be eventually bought by the individual auction winner in each one. The winners at Deal Dash typically see up to 90 – 95% off retail prices, plus the cost of their bids and shipping.

Dealdash Coupon Codes

We have an entire page set up to deal with Dealdash promo codes and coupons so refer to that page to see the current top bonuses for this site!

Open Dealdash in a new window here to follow along live auctions, or join and get your 5 Free bids.

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