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This page will be dedicated to Dealdash promo codes and coupons, which obviously will help you get a bit of an advantage when signing up to their penny auction website. The auctions are easily one of the most popular ones out there right now, and it is very easy to win.

View CURRENT Dealdash bonuses. 

The bid prices are just right too. Before you even look or need a Dealdash coupon code, consider this: all you need to do is click the button below, and you will receive 5 FREE bids at Dealdash, with no questions asked. You don’t even need to make a purchase either, though you can if you want more than 5 bids!

Making an order is easy and can be done through Paypal or a credit card. You could even prepay for a Visa or Mastercard gift card at the convenience store as a last resort, those are accepted too!

Fall Dealdash Coupon Codes

While it doesn’t need a coupon code at all, it does deserve some attention. For a very limited time you can get bids for just $0.18 at, which is the lowest price they have ever had for bids. It would definitely be a great time to stock up on bids even if you’re going to wait it out for a better time to use them. It certainly is a good strategy considering later in time the bids will cost more money. Of course, this is just a very limited time offer and is/was only good for Fall 2012.

If you want that bonus right now, simply click the big red button above! You can also read our latest Dealdash reviews and add one of your own if you would like to. You can also of course expect us to update you antime there is a special promotion going on at, such as a new coupon code being released, or anything else that is interesting and gets you more bang for your buck at this world class penny auction. Remember that this auction site is only open to residents of the USA, so check out our country specific pages if you are from somewhere else and looking for an auction site as legit as Dealdash!

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