Bidcactus Coupon Codes 2012

Welcome to the 2012 Bidcactus Coupon Codes page, where upon joining you can get free bids by entering the exclusive promo codes provided to you. For what it’s worth, we will always try our best to update this page and keep the best and most current coupons and Bid Cactus promo codes for you. That way you will always be in the know of the  latest promotions going on over at Bidcactus, and have the coupon codes to get free bids and discounts when available. You can join Bidcactus now and get 3 Free bids, which is an awesome deal to simply try out their software.

Get Bid Cactus Coupon Code

You can click on the button below in order to get the most recent and latest Bidcactus coupon code for 2012!

There you ahve it folks, we will continue to update this Bidcactus coupons page as time goes on, so do be sure to bookmark it and come back the next time you want to bid on this fine penny auction site.

If you are not familiar with this site, it is open to residents of both the USA and Canada. Bidcactus isn’t open to the UK, Australia, or other common countries that use penny auctions. That being said, if you are an American or a Canadian, there are not many better choices for your entertainment shopping as this one, that’s for sure. They just offer so many great features and benefits, it is hard not to love them.

Whenever these Bid Cactus bonus codes pop up in the twittersphere, or on FB or on their blog, we update this page with the latest ones! Also check out our in depth Bid Cactus review, where we explain all the top features of the site to you. You can look at our Quibids promo codes section next, which is full of great info on that auction site’s new promos.

And here is a cool video explaining just how Bid Cactus works:

From April (archived):

Here are all of the different Bidcactus coupon codes April 2012 that have come out. As soon as a new one is released we will let you know about, and we tend to do a pretty good job at keeping the current ones here and the expired ones out. That’s because we are really on the beat and on this penny auction site every day. That is what really sets apart Bid Prices apart from the rest of the crowd, we live and breathe penny auctions on a daily basis!

In case you didn’t know, Bid Cactus is a really big and really good penny auction site, and one of the main ones that we recommend here at Try it out with a free bid on the house, and get a feel for how the auctions go down there.

Join Bid Cactus today for your free bid, on the house!


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