Best Penny Auctions 2014

It’s a new year so the time is ripe to review what the top penny auction sites are currently in 2013. Lets compare some of the top and emerging auction sites against each other in different categories.

Now we can look at some sites to keep an eye on, emerging penny auctions that are growing in membership steadily but are still not in the same league as the bigger players.

Penny Auctions Year in Review

Are you ready for a recap of that absolutely zany and amazing year for penny auctions? In this recap we will go over all of the year’s biggest news and let you know who aquired who, who overtook who and which penny auction sites came out on top.

Best Penny Auctions 2013

So which are the top choices for you as a consumer right now? Here is the top current options:

1. Quibids – Still the largest and best value penny auction site, Quibids is all about giving you as the consumer a really great deal, or the choice to “Buy it now”.

2. Beezid – Another very big penny auction site that has tons and tons of daily auctions is called, and they are without a doubt a great place to get cheap deals. They also feature a buy it now option similar to Quibids, on certain auctions.

3. – This USA only penny auction always runs deals on their bids so keep an eye out for that. Their large amount of daily auctions are a real favorite among penny auction goers.

4. – If you are looking for a medium sized penny bidding site, look no further than Happy Bid Day. Get on their mailing list and get ready for private bonus codes, huge savings and much more. You can even bid for free on this highly regarded auction site, and win stuff for free too. Check it out.

Top Stories

Here are some of the top stories that happened in 212 are you ready for another big year? We are also going to make some references to our upcoming post on the subject.

Beezid buying Skoreit: Undoubtedly one of the biggest stories of the year was Beezid buying the site Skoreit, another huge penny auction. The move made Beezid even bigger than it already was, and there aren`t many sites as big as Beezid.
Here is to an amazing new year in the penny bidding industry!

There you have it folks, the top 2013 penny auction sites as of right now. That being said and done, we now turn to you for the community opinion. Is this list correct and is it missing any site that you think should be included? Let us know, comments are moderated on a daily basis so it’s guaranteed that your opinions will be heard!

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