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What are the best penny bids sites? Otherwise known as penny auctions, these sites are all the rage. With all of the newcomers in the industry trying to make their stab at the pot, the field is becoming a little bit convoluted. Also check out the latest June 2016 Beezid promo codes from our sister site.

What is a shopper to do when there are so many choices? It can cause uncertainty and “paralysis by analysis”, something that will increase your indecision and anxiety, over something that should be pure fun.

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Penny bid auctions are all about getting the best bang for your buck, while having fun at the same time. After all, there is a reason that they are called entertainment shopping sites, you are supposed to have fun while you are shopping!

The best penny auction sites are listed below for your convenience, because we have been in the industry for so long we know which ones are good and for what reasons.

One thing to keep in mind of course is that different penny auctions are different for each person and what is best for one might not be the best for you.

The best thing to do is sign up for a FREE account at ALL of the below penny bidding sites, and take a look around for 5 minutes each.

After 5 minutes you will know if they have the type of auctions that you are interested in, and as an added bonus you can size up the competition.

Then you can really go for it and purchase your bid packs, all the more wiser and even more confident because of the 5 minute planning session you did. Without further ado, here are the best penny auctions websites:

1. Quibids: By far the biggest and best penny bidding sites, Quibids got that way because they are not as greedy as other penny auctions. Why? Because they offer the very popular buy it now feature which allows savvy spenders to purchase the item they were bidding on at retail value, minus the cost of their lost bids, if they ended up not winning that particular auction.

One of the most advertised and recognized penny auction sites, is light years ahead of the competition in many aspects. Read the full site for details and terms.

They truly have a ton going for them, as you will find out below: You can also grab a Quibids Promo Code March 2014 to see what the current bonus is.


Quibids Quick Facts

  • Biggest item selection out of any penny bids site.
  • Check out our Quibids Review
  • Buy it now feature so you can reclaim your lost bids!
  • Top notch support staff, biggest in the industry
  • Competition extremely weak and too anxious on many of the Quibids auctions.

#2 best penny bid site   2. Beezid: The 2nd best penny bidding site out there right now would have to be, simply because they are launching so many daily auctions that it becomes pretty easy to pick one that has low competition and can be taken down for just a few bids. Of course that would require you to do a lot of things like being savvy and patient, and that is how the best of the best do it on penny bids sites. This particular penny bid Beezid has plenty to offer it’s users:



  • Non stop promtions every week, throwing bonus bids your way!
  • Read our Beezid Review
  • 10 Free bids on registration.
  • Unbelievable number of daily auctions, Beezid truly has something for everyone.
  • Great bids prices.


   3. Happy Bid Day: A true winner and up and coming penny bidding site, is quickly becoming one of the best by far. If you are looking to play at something new where you can get some serious winnings right off the bat, Happy Bid Day auctions are exactly where you need to be looking. There are lots of unique things on auction, as well as all of the usual suspects. You can even find gold and silver penny auctions at this bidding site! If you have already tried the above 2 penny auctions sites, then this would be the next best one. We wouldn’t recommend it over others on this page though.



  • Great bid prices.
  • And our Happy Bid Day review
  • 100 Free bids on your birthday.
  • 50 Bonus bids on registration.
  • Great customer support.
  • Fast Shipping

These penny bidding sites are above and away the top of the top, creme of the crop.

If you’ve been stuck at smaller penny auctions that simply lack the action that you are craving, give the above selections a shot!

You can join one of these sites and explore them, or head back to our  home page.

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